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My Mission : Helping You

I started this service to help people who might need repairs to their home. I would be happy to help anyone who doesn't have the experience, proper tools or sufficient time to perform repairs to their home.

Jeff Door

Licensed and Insured

General Home Repair and Maintenance

Serving Eastern Johnson County


A Little About Jeff

Repair and maintenance has long been a passion of mine. It started in junior high school helping my dad in his upholstery shop as well as around the house. Later I started working on motorcycles and cars myself. After high school I joined the Air Force as an Aircraft Mechanic.

Following the Air Force I further studied aviation mechanics at Aero Mechanics School in Riverside, MO. Jobs in commercial aviation were in short supply so I went on to pursue a degree in Chemistry and worked as a Research and Development Chemist for a powder coating manufacturer for 13 years.

In 2006, my life took a different turn when I decided to stay home with my two small children. Being a stay at home dad taught me patience and time management skills that you just can't learn in the corporate world!

During the 2 years I was home with my children I was frequently asked by neighbors and friends if I was interested in doing minor home repairs for them. I welcomed the chance to do this and to keep my mechanical skills sharp. Many of them encouraged me to start this business and have been my most supportive and repeat customers. It was a great idea because I sure love what I do!

My family and I have been NE Johnson County residents for the past 18 years and currently live in Prarie Village. My wife Heather and I have been married for 23 years.


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