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Lock Bumping

Lock Bumping
Jeff Rubesch - Mon Jun 15, 2009 @ 09:15AM
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I recently saw a local TV news story about criminals “lock bumping” doors to gain entry into houses.  Lock bumping is a technique where a specially cut key is put into the front of the lock (keyway).  Then the key is struck “bumped” with a plastic mallet while being turned.  If performed properly, this “bumping” makes the tumbler pins in the lock jump up slightly and the special key can then turn the cylinder and unlock the door.  I researched the idea on Snopes. The Snopes article said key bumping is an effective way of opening a lock IF the proper key and technique is used.  It also noted there are other more desirable ways for criminals to enter your home because the technique is difficult to perfect and can be a bit noisy from the mallet striking the key.  If you have any doubts of the security of your locks, it is best to consult a locksmith for a consultation.      

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Comments: 5


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