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Late Summer Lawn Care

Late Summer Lawn Care
Jeff Rubesch - Wed Sep 02, 2009 @ 09:20AM
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This time of year is perfect for getting your lawn in shape.  A little bit of work now will greatly benefit your lawn come springtime.  Now, around Labor Day, is the time to dethatch your lawn to remove dead grass and stems that may be reducing the amount of water reaching the lawn’s roots.  It is also a great time to over seed your lawn. Cool nights and warm days help the lawn grow fast.  It is best to over seed and apply starter fertilizer after dethatching so the dethatching process doesn’t disturb the new seed.  That way the seed can contact the ground and have a better chance of growing quickly.   Dethatching and over seeding around Labor Day ensures the seed will be growing before the ground freezes and the leaf raking starts in late October.  If you only fertilize once a year, the middle of October is best.  It is highly recommended to use a winterizing fertilizer in the middle of fall before the grass is dormant, come Thanksgiving time.  

Comments: 17


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