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Safe and Effective Ice Melting Hints

Safe and Effective Ice Melting Hints
Jeff Rubesch - Sat Feb 28, 2009 @ 07:51AM
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Since today is cold and snowy, I thought a few tips about removing ice would be in order. The type of ice melter that is the most effective and least destructive is a magnesium chloride ( MgCl) based product. These products will melt ice at a lower temperature and are safer to pets, plants and concrete products than other salt products. There is one very important point to remember when using ice melting products. Ice melters are intended to dissolve ice so it can be broken up and scooped away. When using ice melters, it is important to remove the ice soon so the brine of the ice melt will not sit on concrete surfaces. It is the briny solution of the ice melt and water that breaks down the bond of the concrete and eventually make little "pock marks" in the concrete.

Comments: 3


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