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CFL Disposal

CFL Disposal
Jeff Rubesch - Sun Mar 22, 2009 @ 01:52AM
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A lot of people have asked me how to dispose of Compact Flourescent (spiral) lightbulbs. Most people know they contain the element Mercury (Hg) which is a hazard to the environment. I did a bit of research on the Government's "Energystar" website so I could share some disposal tips for CFLs. The most recently made CFLs contain approximately 1.5-2.5 mg. of mercury. For a comparison, old mercury thermometers contain about 500 mg. of the element. Most of the mercury in a CFL is bound to the inside of the spiral glass as the bulb is used. The most eco-friendly way to dispose of a CFL is to recycle it. I looked at www.earth911.org and found that all of the Home Depot stores in my area (Kansas City, MO) as well as local recycling centers will accept the used, unbroken bulbs for recycling. If you have a CFL that has broken, I recommend visiting the Energystar website to view the recommended cleaning procedures.

Comments: 3


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