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Lawn Weed Control

Lawn Weed Control
Jeff Rubesch - Wed Apr 15, 2009 @ 03:20PM
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It is the time of year that lawn weeds start cropping up.  As it is now the middle of April, I would recommend a good ole fashioned weed fork or some “Weed-be-gon” spray to control the errant dandelion or other weed mixed in with your lawn.  If you have more than a few weeds, maybe a hose end sprayer bottle of broadleaf lawn weed killer would do better.  The best way to control lawn weeds is to feed your lawn regularly so it is healthy, full and robust.  Weeds only grow where the seeds can land in bare spots.  I have some weeds and I use the weed fork and “Weed-be-gone” spray to keep the weeds at bay.  Later in mid- May, an application of lawn weed control/fertilizer applied on a dewy morning (so the weed killer sticks to the weed leaves) would be your best bet.  Weed control lawn products need to be applied to moist lawns and NOT watered in like other applications.  And remember, if you mulch mow your lawn, all of the fertilizer in the cut blades of grass will help the lawn grow as it settles into the ground.  If you bag the lawn clippings, you are taking away some benefit of the lawn treatment and adding to the landfill space.     

Comments: 4


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